ИМЕ НА SURVER: Surver Version97D оригинален класически Нов старт 01.10.2023 г. 18:00Час

SURVER TIME PM,EEST сървърно EXP-100x Surver Drop-40%

 ВСИЧКO  E ФИКСИРАНO нищо няма да бъде променено всичко ще остане както е сега.

първите 3ма направили максимален ресет ще получат награда от 1000 кредита.

the first 3 to make the maximum reset will receive a reward of 1000 credits.

НУЛИРАЙТЕ LVL ЗА VIP CHAR 340lvl Нормален Char 350lvl

Максимално ниво 350LvL Макс. Нулиране 15 и всяка неделя ще се покачват със 5 16:00 EEST ВРЕМЕ

SURVER Surver Version97D original Classic New Start 01.10.2023 18:00Time

SURVER TIME PM,EEST  Server Experience 100x Surver Drop 40%


RESET LVL FOR VIP CHAR 340lvl Normal Char 350lvl

Max Level 350LvL Max Reset 15 And After All WeeK Sunday 16:00EEST TIME+5 Reset UP

KeeP Stats -No

Reset points (Blade Knight - BK) 340. Reset points (Soul Master - SM) 420. Reset points (Muse Elf - ME) 350.Reset points (Magic Gladiator MG) 430.

Reset Zen cost 10,000,000 zen. * Per Reset 

Reset Clear Items Yes Just Inventory.Clear PK cost 10,000,000 zen. * x Kills. Party Bonus Exp +20% exp

Max stats 32767. Max item level 11+32Option.  Max items excellent options 2

Server events Devil Squere,BlooD Castle,Sky Event,Boss Event,Jewel Evenet,Golden Archer evt, Hall Of Fame Event Sunday 18:00EEST PM TIME

Devil Squere All 5Min.Drop Golen Goblin Taikan Lizarrd Tantal

BlooD Castle All Finish quest Drop Box+1+2+3

Vip SiSTEM GIVE +20%exp and Move Icarus Vip Map and All 1 Hours AFK Give 2credits Time Change


For Help Registration Tell me in Facebook Group Lastmu97d.

Move sistem

bar,lorencia,davias,davias2,dungeon,dungeon2,dungeon3,atlans,atlans2,losttower,LT2,LT3,LT4,LT5,LT6,LT7,tarkan,tarkan2,Vip map icarus,icarus2.





/addstr Add Strength
/addagi Add Agility
/addvit Add Vitality
/addene Add Energy
/pkclear Clear PK
/post Post message global chat
/marry Can get Marry - Davias church cord: 209/16 | 210/16
/accept Accept offer to marry with you
/divorce Divorce your marry status
/charinfo Get info of your character
/questinfo Get info of your quests
/vipinfo Show your VIP status
/buyvip Buy a VIP status for 1 day. Cost 60 credits.
/move ::map name:: Move on maps
/trade Make a trade with character
/party Form a party with one or more characters
/guild Join a guild (Use on a guild master)
/war ::guild name:: Request a war with guild
/re (on/off) Enable or disable requests for party, deals and trade
/vault 1-10 Change vault storage